The Sorensen System

to Succeeding with Reading

What is the Sorensen System?

The Sorensen System to Succeeding with Reading is a phonics program developed by Nancy Sorensen that provides instruction and help with reading, writing, and spelling. It has been used over the last 30 years in Utah to help hundreds of students become successful, confident readers!

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How can it help my student with reading?

The Sorensen System builds a foundation of phonics. It provides help with reading, writing, and spelling by teaching the sounds of the vowels, consonants, and syllables that make up the English language - giving students confidence in sounding out and reading new and unfamiliar words. It teaches the word-attack skills that give students the determination they need to become independent readers, writers, and spellers!

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Find out more about Nancy Sorensen's popular phonics program

The Sorensen System is taught in Nancy Sorensen's two private schools in St. George, Utah and Mapleton, Utah. Our passion is to provide help with reading, writing, and spelling skills so that students can be successful in pursuing their education. Besides our two private schools, we also offer our program to home school families and we do after school tutoring sessions. Contact us to find out more!

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